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Our investigators are trained in interviewing,
gathering evidence, and surveillance.
Chas & Associates understands the importance
of admissible evidence and the standards of
proof required for civil and criminal actions.


We develop a thorough investigative strategy that addresses the issues
and meets the client's needs. We work with our clients to collect the
appropriate evidence to support any subsequent civil,criminal,
or regulatory action. Our team of experts works with our clients
through every stage of the process from investigation
to recovery and training.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Through a comprehensive Claims Integrity program, Chas & Associates can reduce costs associated with fraudulent claims and separate
the deceptive from the deserving. By integrating background intelligence and surveillance, Chas & Associates provide an in-depth
investigative approach for the development of evidence that assists your claims due diligence process.
Adjusters are often overwhelmed with the number of injury claims they have to process. We ensure that claimants who defraud the
system do not succeed. We provide the investigative research and findings that you require to address and adjust your claims.

The Process

We provide insightful data on the claimant's level of disability through injury claim verification. This includes thorough research into the
claimant's background, investigative surveillance supported by detailed reporting, and quality video footage.
We follow up with comprehensive background information and intelligence:
Open-source research
Education verification
Neighbourhood enquiries
Non-conventional employment
Forensic accounting
Document review
Loss of future earning capacity
Future cost of care evaluation


Surveillance Investigations
Our team of surveillance investigators consists of dedicated multi-ethnic individuals who are able to discreetly gather evidence using
creative strategies. All of our investigators must adhere to stringent performance standards developed through best practices
and maintained by ongoing training.

Open-Source Advanced Internet Research
Today's global marketplace has opened up a spectrum of opportunities that are also connected to risks. Our open-source research
strategies enable our clients to uncover the connections between specific individuals, business entities, and assets. Our comprehensive
investigations are conducted to assess risk and threat to our client's physical assets and reputation. Our platform makes use of
state-of-the-art technology, copious electronic information from publicly available sources, and our experts' deep training in
investigative research. Our integrated approach to fraud detection and due diligence ensures that our clients are in
possession of the information they need to allay potential hazards and retain a competitive edge.

Corporate Fraud and Investigations

At Chas & Associates, our investigators decisively determine the cause of wrongdoing, identify suspects, limit losses, and reestablish confidence with stakeholders that include partners, customers, and regulators. 
Through investigative techniques involving forensic accounting, forensic data recovery, as well as time-honoured investigative strategies including surveillance and covert operations, we incorporate a gamut of strategies that meet your requirements. 
With our extensive experience in corporate investigations, we work closely with counsel and senior managers to ensure that our investigative strategies are effective in collecting appropriate evidence that will be of utmost value to you.
Throughout the entire process, we communicate regularly with you to ensure that our investigative strategy remains consistent with your objectives and needs. 

Intellectual Property Protection & Enforcement

Theft and abuse of intellectual property is a massive global problem. Protection and enforcement requires a global solution. Chas & Associates have both the resources and the reach to implement a program of strategic and tactical responses to Intellectual Property (IP) issues wherever they occur. No product or commodity is immune to these kinds of problems. From fashion and watches, to pharmaceuticals and building supplies, to proprietary research – IP theft is big business. Protection of IP is a critical corporate objective necessary for long-term growth and survival.
From raids to market surveys, sting operations to strategic publicity, royalty collection to alliance building, and a strategic assessment of a counter-party’s IP during a corporate transaction to expert evidence (to determine loss), we help you keep control of your rightful property, as well as assess losses and recover damages wherever possible.


We have considerable resources and expertise in tracking the abuse of IP and in consulting on IP protection in cyberspace. This includes everything from finding the physical warehouse of a discount web merchant to investigating domain name, website, and web-traffic theft.

Due Diligence Investigations

A variety of risks are inherent in today’s increasingly complex global marketplace, including mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. Business deals are based on expected synergies and anticipated profits, but entering a business relationship requires thorough due diligence investigation to ensure the capability, stability, and solvency of your new team – individuals who will have access to highly sensitive information.
We provide you with factual information about the integrity of individuals and business entities so you can make a strategic decision.

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